For the road marking test field, the StripeMaster II touch-screen version can test the RL retroreflectance coefficient of glass beads embedded in white or yellow hot-melt marking paint, traffic paint and temporary marking materials. The StripeMaster II touch screen version has an intuitive touch screen operation interface, so it has a faster test speed. The test results of the retroreflective coefficient also have comprehensive documentation and GPS tracking functions. The above test results can be easily used as data Export. Real-time data exchange with the computer can also be easily realized through the built-in USB and Bluetooth-Bluetooth modules of the device.
StripeMaster II touch screen version realizes the maximum compatibility of data reading and storage formats, such as KML, CSV, XML and graphic formats.


• Comply with ASTM E1710 and EN 1436 test specifications

• Repeatability ±2%. Stability ±5%

• Equipped with a test plate, which can test road markings with a bump of 15mm,

Testable on wet and dry surfaces

• Light weight, the test handle can be rotated 360° to minimize user fatigue

• Color TFT-LCD touch screen, friendly interface

• Store up to 25,000 data, which can be transmitted via flash memory interface, USD and Bluetooth

• Remote operation can be controlled by software

• Two removable battery packs and a charger, eliminating any downtime

• Built-in GPS and printer, data file format is compatible with XML, KML and CSV, etc.

• Calibration standards can be traced back to the American National Standards Laboratory, microprocessor-controlled automatic zero calibration

• Magnetic wheels, easy to disassemble

• The foam-lined waterproof carrying case provides sufficient safety protection for the equipment

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