AT-SR-001 Retroreflectometer

AT-SR-001 Retroreflectometer is a new type of portable road traffic safety detection equipment, which adopts the standard transfer indirect measurement method, and is specialized in measuring the retro reflective optical characteristics of various reflective safety signs...

AT-MAR-932 multi-angle retroreflective coefficient tester is a portable testing equipment that is professionally used to measure the retroreflective optical characteristics of various reflective safety materials. It is widely used in various road traffic reflective products, vehicle safety reflective products, and safety production signs, On-site inspection and inspection of reflective cloth, etc.

Main features

  • Advanced optical measurement system
  • Anti-scratch full metal shell
  • Magnetic calibration method, more convenient
  • Support the measurement of retroreflective coefficient at up to 12 angles
  • 4.3-inch high-brightness LCD capacitive touch screen displays measurement data
  • Parameters can be preset to display system information such as date, time, testing location, testing organization, license plate/road name, testing personnel, etc., 
  • Support real-time display of on-site temperature and humidity
  • Automatically verify zero setting and adjust measurement standards
  • Using the soft keyboard method to input Chinese characters, English and characters can store inspection records, and can inquire in detail at any time
  • Smart standby management, turn off the screen display when there is no operation, and the system sleeps
  • Support multiple measurements to calculate the average value;
  • Support 16G SD card data storage, and support data storage in Excel form, export to computer through U disk function;
  • Low illumination, high sensitivity photoelectric measuring device assembly
  • High-precision, high-stability analog data acquisition and A/D conversion circuit
  • Low power consumption, high reliability main control unit and computing system
  • Support WIFI or Bluetooth data transmission function; (optional)
  • Support Bluetooth printing function, can print test data on site (optional);
  • Support GPS positioning function (optional)

Main technical parameters

  • Measurement items: retroreflective coefficient cd/lx /m²
  • Measuring value range: 0-1999.9
  • Set incident angle: -4°, 5°, 15°, 30° (standard configuration)
  • Set observation angle: 0.2°, 0.5°, 1°
  • Measuring light source: standard A light source
  • Measuring spot diameter: 35mm
  • Repeatability measurement error: ≤2%
  • Reproducible measurement error: ≤5%
  • Standby measurement time : >12h
  • Built-in power supply capacity: 7000mA.h
  • Data storage space: 16GB
  • Charging power supply: DC 8.4V
  • Ambient temperature for use: -5℃—60℃
  • Using environmental humidity: <95%, no condensation
  • The volume of the whole machine: 220 mm×250 mm×82mm (L×H×W)
  • Weight of the whole machine: <2kg

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