AT-RM-002 Retroreflectometer for Road Markings

AT-RM-002 The Retroreflectance measuring instrument is a portable field measuring instrument, which can simulate the road marking brightness visible to the driver under the headlamp illumination of motor vehicle at night. The measured parameter is the luminous Retroreflectance coefficient at night, i.e. RL value, in mcd·m-2·lx-1. It is used to measure the retroreflection characteristics of road markings. It is suitable for laboratory environment and field measurement. Road marking manufacturers, road marking process construction units and road quality supervision units are used to measure the retroreflective performance of road markings.

· Support rapid measurement (Measure the value of the retroreflective coefficient within 3 seconds);

· Support simple calibration procedure;


· Large battery capacity, super long standby, quick charging;


· Support high brightness LCD transparent touch screen and the operative interface can be seen clearly under  illumination;


· Support multiple measurements to calculate the average;


· Support storing more than 99,999 test data information, including, measurement data, operator, road section information and testing time, etc.; 


· Support 8G SD card data storage and support data storage in Excel format, and the data can be exported to the computer through U disk;


· Support real-time broadcast of measured data;


· Enter Chinese character, English and characters with touch buttonboard;


· Support real-time display of on-site temperature and humidity;


· Open English menu operation mode to foreign customers;


· Support smart standby management and the system automatically enters sleep state when there is no operation;


· Portable instrument;


· Small/light;


· Under the same on-site measurement environment, support one-off calibration of all colors before testing without respectively calibrating different colors each time.

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